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Annual card reimbursement

Compensation due to the corona crisis

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FAQ about our reopening

All important information about visiting the park during corona pandemic can be found in our FAQs!

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Corona security measures

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Annual card reimbursement



As promised, all annual pass holders are compensated for the lost days due to the corona crisis. Each annual pass holder receives the number of days missed appended to the validity of their annual pass.


  • Example A: The annual pass expired on April 15. The original start of the season was April 4. You get 12 days free of charge attached to the actual expiry date.
  • Example B: Your annual pass has not expired yet. All lost days from April 4th to the start of the season are appended. 


How do I get my compensation?

As soon as the park is open again, you can have your annual pass renewed at the cash desks. Don’t forget your annual pass!

For the benefit of all, we want to largely avoid queues. Therefore, we ask that annual pass holders whose cards already expired during the Corona closure renew first.

We ask everyone else to take the extension shortly before their cards expire.  Thank you for your support!


Can I carry out Corona compensation and annual pass prolongation all at once?

Unfortunately, no – this is not possible for technical reasons. Please carry out the compensation first, and after its expiration you can extend your annual pass. You will receive the loyalty bonus for 14 days after the compensation period has expired.


My season ticket expired before the Corona crisis!

All annual card holders whose cards expired before April 4 will receive their loyalty bonus for 14 days from the new start of the season as usual.