Park is closed 02.11.2020 - 26.03.2021

Season start 2021

Our season 2020 is over! We look forward to welcoming you again from March 27, 2021!

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Currently the demand for tickets is very high! Therefore we kindly ask you to plan your visit in advance since we only have a limited daily quota of tickets due to the COVID19 restrictions.

At the moment, tickets are only sold via the online shop. Annual pass holders must also reserve their visit online in advance! 

Please note:

The mobile download of your tickets depends on the network reception of your provider.
We recommend that you save the tickets to your mobile phone before visiting the park or print them at home.
Online Tickets should not be purchased as a gift – their validity is limited to the current season. They are not renewable, refundable and the supplemental payment of the price difference in following seasons is not possible!