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Tickets currently only available in our online shop! Annual pass holders must also reserve their visit in advance!

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FAQ about our reopening

All important information about visiting the park during corona pandemic can be found in our FAQs!

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Annual card reimbursement

Compensation due to the corona crisis

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Corona security measures

What you should pay attention to when visiting Familypark can be found in the video!

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FAQ on reopening

Day guests


Where can I buy day tickets for the Familypark?

Currently, day tickets are only sold through our online ticket shop. There is a daily ticket limit due to visitor restrictions. All tickets in the online shop are dated, i.e. the ticket purchased only authorizes admission on the selected date – after that the ticket expires.


Do I have to buy a ticket for my child, who is under 3 years old?

As children under the age of 3 enjoy free admission, only a free reservation for the desired day of visit is necessary. You can find this reservation ticket under “Reservation special tickets”


Can I currently use promotions?

Yes! To use promotions like Merkur Friends, Family passes,… please make a reservation here! After that you pay and get your tickets at the cash desks in the park!


Can I only buy my own ticket or several at the same time?

A maximum of 5 reservations can be placed in the shopping cart. We want to prevent “hoarding”.
For dated tickets there is a limitation of 19 tickets per purchase.


Which tickets can be bought online?


The following tickets are available in our online shop:

dated day ticket for EUR 27.00

dated senior ticket, valid on Wednesdays, for € 17

dated family ticket, valid on Fridays, for 25 euros

Reservation for special prices applies to people with disabilities, their accompanying persons, people who want to use promotions or vouchers, or children who want to redeem their free birthday entry. The reservation ticket is of course free of charge. To enter the park, the reduced special ticket must be paid at the cash desks at Familypark or the free birthday ticket must be collected there. A disability pass or an ID as proof of age is required!

Reservation for annual ticket holders and holders of an undated ticket 2020

Reservation for children under 3 years (free entry)



Can I only redeem the ticket on the selected day?

Yes. In order to be able to guarantee the legal minimum distance, there is a daily visitor restriction. In order to be able to organize these, only dated tickets are currently sold, which are then only approved by our turnstile on the selected date. Tickets cannot be reschedule or cancelled after purchase!


What happens to the online tickets that were bought before the corona-related postponement of the season start?

If the ticket is dated, we will automatically cancel it free of charge. The money will be transferred back to the account that was used for the purchase. To visit the park, a new ticket has to be bought in our online shop.

If it is an undated ticket that is valid for the entire 2020 season (value: EUR 27.00), it remains valid. Nevertheless, a reservation is required, which can be made in the online shop with the ticket called “Reservation JK + undated Ticket 2020“.


I have a voucher, what should I do?

You can use your voucher! Please make a reservation here! After that you pay with your voucher at the cash desk at the park!


My child had birthday during the corona-related closing days. What happens to the free birthday entry?

Children up to 14 years receive free admission to the Familypark on their birthday. If the use of this promotion was not possible this year due to the corona-related closure, the affected children can make up their free admission during the winter birthday kids week. This takes place from September 14th to 20th.


What do I do if I want to use the free entry for a birthday child?

Children up to the age of 14 get free admission on the day of their birthday. To do this, please get the free “Reservation Special Prices” ticket in the online shop. The visit date selected there must match the birthday!

With the reservation confirmation you still have to go to the cash desk in the park. An e-card or passport to prove your age is required. Afterwards the birthday child receives the free ticket with which he can go to the turnstile.

All other family members who visit the park must first buy a dated ticket in the online shop! There is no ticket sales at the cash desks!



Annual tickets


What rules apply to annual pass holders?

Annual pass holders must also reserve a day of visit. This is done via the “Reservation JK and undated Tickets 2020” ticket in the online shop. For the admission to the park you need both: the reservation confirmation (printed out if possible) and the valid annual ticket, which is scanned at the turnstile.


What do I do if I want to buy a annual pass and then go to the park straight away?

People who buy an annual pass and then immediately want to visit the park must also get a “Reservation for JK and undated Tickets 2020” ticket in the online shop for their day of visit.


My annual pass has expired, what should I do?

If you want to extend your annual pass and then go straight to the park, you have to get the “Reservation for JK and undated Tickets 2020” ticket for the day you want to visit.

The annual pass is then extended at the ticket offices in the park.


I made a 0, – euro reservation, but I can’t come. What should I do?

In order not to block the space and to enable other Familypark fans to visit, in this case we ask you to send a short email to or write a message on Facebook. We can also be reached daily from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. via phone +43 2685/60707


How is it prevented that some people reserve unnecessarily often?

We check the bookings every day. Should we notice the improper reservation of tickets, we will take further measures.


I have a voucher for an annual pass, what should I do?

In this case too, we ask you to get a ticket “Reservation for JK and Online Day Tickets 2020” in the online shop for your desired visit day. You can get the annual pass that you need to enter the park from the ticket office in the park. Don’t forget your voucher!


What goodwill solution is there for annual pass holders due to the lost opening days?

For our regular guests, all annual passes that were valid after April 3, 2020 will be extended by the number of days lost at the cash desks.
More information about the compensation


General information for your visit



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Hygiene measures

We offer disinfectants throughout the park. The cleaning intervals of our toilet facilities have also been shortened.

Masks are mandatory in the following areas:

  • During the ride with our attractions
  • at our gastronomy stations (indoor)


There is no mask requirement on the paths and at playgrounds, the minimum distance should nevertheless be observed.
If you don’t have a mask with you, you can buy Filippo-style masks in the souvenir shop.

Our attractions also have to be kept clear: only family members are allowed to sit next to each other. For some attractions, individual rows have to be left blank. Waiting times can therefore be somewhat longer – we ask for your understanding!


I cannot wear a mask for health reasons – what should I do?

Please take a medical confirmation * with you. After showing this confirmation, you will receive a green bracelet at the info point or at the cash desks.

* A brief confirmation from a doctor is sufficient, stating that you cannot wear masks. The health reason for this is not relevant for us.



Not all gastronomy stations are currently open. In order to simplify processes and avoid waiting times, the range of dishes has also been reduced.  We ask you to keep the minimum distance here too!



All attractions and climbing areas are opened. There may be longer waiting times due to distance rules at the rides.

The water battles, jumping water, electronic theaters and the petting zoo remain closed for the time being.

Playgrounds, such as the large sand playground, are open.



The protection of health is of course in the foreground. Therefore, a concept for a controlled reopening was developed, which is continuously adapted to new requirements and possible easing.