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Pauli presents:

The beaver lodge


Water fun at Austria’s largest flume ride!
From now on you can experience the beaver lodge live!


Fakt 1
Austria's highest flume ride (17 meters)
Fakt 2
8 people can take a seat per boat
Fakt 3
4 minutes of fun for the whole family
Fakt 4
Experience this ride from 1 meter height

Check out the Biberburg

Let’s go on a ride!

Check out the Beaver lodge!

Oh no! Pauli has lost his helmet!

Pauli accidentally buried his hard hat underneath while stacking the wood. In order to be able to continue working, he has to remove all the logs again. Can you help him with this?Just click on the logs and help Pauli find his helmet. Our beaver is giving away 5×4 day tickets and 3×2 annual passes to all helpers.


Winter kids days 27.09. - 01.10. 2023

All children whose birthday was between November 2nd, 2022 and March 31st, 2023 (up to and including 14 years) receive one-time free entry.

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