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FAQ'sFrequently asked questions

General questions

  • What are the opening times?

    You can find the current opening times here at any time

  • What's the weather like?

    Our webcam shows you the current weather conditions in the park. Otherwise you can look at the weather forecast for the next few days at

  • Does the Familypark also open when it rains?

    Usually: yes. As long as it only rains, and there is improvement in sight, the park is open. As noted in the General Terms and Conditions, there is no entitlement to rebooking or cancellation of tickets that have already been paid for.

    However, if severe thunderstorms are forecast with no prospect of improvement, the park may not open. We will communicate this 1h before planed park opening via our website & social media channels (Facebook, Instagram). Tickets already paid for that day will be canceled automatically.

  • Can I take my dog with me?

    No, dogs are not allowed in the park.

    Assistance dogs (with ID) are exempt from this ban.

  • Can I exit the park & re-enter the same day?

    If you need to get something out of the car, you can leave the park for a short time. In order for you to be able to return to the park, it is necessary to get a stamp from the admission staff in advance.

  • Are there lockers?

    Yes, you will find lockers just to the left after the turnstiles and also next to Filippos Restaurant.

  • Are there nursing rooms in the park?

    No, there are currently no nursing rooms in the park. But there are some quiet corners that we can recommend:

    • The way behind the forest express (Waldexpress)
    • The way behind the rat mill (Rattenmühle)
    • There are a few hidden seating areas below the Roman traps (Römerfallen)
    • Behind the water fight (Wasserschlacht)
  • Is there wifi in the park?


  • Can I pay with an ATM card in the park?

    Yes, you can pay with an ATM card at all ticket offices in the park. We also accept Mastercard and Visa.

  • Can you borrow a handcart or stroller?

    No, we do not offer strollers or handcarts for hire.

  • Where is the lost&found?

    If you have lost an item of value while you are still in the park, please contact the staff at the Infopoint. If it has already been found & handed in, then it will be kept there.

    If you only noticed the loss at home or if it has not yet been handed in at the Infopoint, please send an email to
    State exactly what you miss – ideally with a photo.

  • The park was closed on my child's birthday, can we still use the free entry?

    Naturally! There are 2 different cases:

    • The park was closed all day during the regular season:
      Then you can use the free entry for the birthday child on the next opening day of the park.
    • The birthday was outside the regular season:
      Then you can use the winter children days. You can find out exactly when these take place in the opening times.
  • We cannot visit the park directly on the birthday, can we redeem the free birthday entry on another day?

    No. The free birthday entry is only valid on the birthday for children up to the age of 14. No exceptions can be granted.

  • How can I buy vouchers for the park?

    All information about our vouchers can be found here.

Arrival & Parking

  • How do I travel publicly?

    The Familypark has its own bus stop, which is served by bus line 285. It is best to use the timetable information from to plan your route.

  • Can I charge my e-car?

    We provide 10 parking spaces with charging stations (type 2 plug). 4 of them are operated by Burgenland Energie (11 kW) and the other 6 are operated by Familypark (5,5 kW).
    The charging stations are located at the first parking lot, next to the delivery entrance.

  • Can I park my motorhome overnight with you?

    No, overnight parking is not allowed. There are campsites and parking spaces for mobile homes in Oggau, Oslip and Rust.

  • What are the bus times? When does the last leave?

    Due to the different park opening times, this cannot be answered in general terms. Therefore, please use the timetable information from

  • I'm coming by bike, are there parking spaces?

    Yes, we have some bicycle parking spaces and also an e-bike charging station.

Online tickets

  • I bought tickets but can't come now, can I cancel?

    No, you agreed to the right of withdrawal when you made the purchase. This states the following: The services offered by the Familypark are leisure services within the meaning of § 18 Para. 1 Z 10 FAGG, which are provided at a specific point in time or within a precisely specified period of time. Accordingly, the customer has no right of withdrawal in accordance with Section 11 (1) FAGG.


  • Can I reschedule my dated tickets to another date?

    No, it is also not possible to reschedule tickets.

  • I have already bought tickets. What happens if it rains that day?

    If the park still opens because it only rains, then the tickets remain valid and cannot be canceled or rescheduled.

    If the park does not open, we will automatically cancel all tickets for that day. You will then also receive an email.

  • Is the ticket also valid for the next season?

    No, our tickets are dated – this means they are tied to an exact date. It cannot be rescheduled or cancelled.

  • Can tickets be given to someone else?

    In principle yes, since they are not tied to a person.
    However, we advise against buying tickets from strangers, as you cannot check whether they are actually still valid.

  • I would like to buy tickets to give them as gifts - what do I have to consider?

    Tickets are not suitable as a gift as they are linked to a specific date.

    It is therefore better to give away vouchers, these are valid for 30 years.

  • Do I have to print out online tickets?

    No, you can also save the PDF on your smartphone and scan it at the turnstile.

  • I bought tickets but didn't receive an email, what do I have to do?

    Please check your spam folder first and whether your mailbox still has enough free storage space. If you still can’t find an email, send an email* to or go to the Infopoint in the park.


    *Have you noted the booking number that was displayed to you at the end of the ordering process? Then please send the number to us right away.

  • Is there a reduced price for families?

    There is no family ticket.
    But you can always save money in our online shop!

  • How do I redeem discounts online (family pass, Knax, vouchers)?

    Promotions such as family passes, Knax Club and Co. cannot be redeemed in our online shop.
    Vouchers cannot currently be redeemed in the online shop either.

  • Is there a Fast Pass?

    No, we do not offer a Fast Pass.

  • Where do I find the free birthday ticket in the online shop?

    Free birthday entry for children up to the age of 14 is only available at the ticket office in the park. Proof of your birthday (e-card or passport) must be presented there, only then will the free ticket be issued.

    This is not possible in the online shop!

Annual pass

  • Can I also buy the annual pass online?

    Yes, you can buy or renew your pass online!

  • I lost my annual pass - what should I do?

    If you lost the annual pass, € 5.00 will be charged for issuing a replacement pass.

  • My ex-partner has my child's annual pass, can my child enter the park without the pass?

    No, unfortunately that is not possible. A valid annual pass is required to enter the turnstiles.

    We recommend saving the annual pass wallet file on all phones so that each parent has the child’s annual pass available. You can download the wallet file for your annual pass here.

  • I forgot my annual pass, what can I do?

    Then you unfortunately have to pay the regular day entrance fee at the cash desk in the  park. But let the cashier know that you have an annual pass and you will get a note on the bill. Please keep the receipt and show it together with your annual pass at the cash desk the next time you visit. Then you will get a refund of the entrance fee.

    However, reimbursements can only be granted up to the end of the season of the same calendar year. Online tickets are excluded from this refund!

  • How long is my annual pass valid?

    Your annual ticket is valid for 366 days from the date of issue.
    Example: You buy the annual pass  on April 6, 2023, then it is valid up to and including April 6, 2024

    The validity of the annual pass begins with the date of purchase, even when purchased online. This does not apply to annual pass that are purchased outside of the season – in this case, the term begins with the start of the season.

  • My annual pass is expiring or has already expired - what can I do?

    Would you like to continue to benefit from the advantages of a Familypark annual pass? Then secure the loyalty bonus! If you renew within 14 days of your annual card expiring, you will save 5 euros per card!

    You can extend your annual pass including the loyalty bonus at the cash desk in the park or in our online shop. Please note that if you renew digitally, you will also receive a digital annual pass (PDF, wallet)! You will only receive a plastic card in credit card format again, if you renew it at the cash desk.

  • My child has an annual pass but has not received any birthday mail!

    On your next visit, please contact the Infopoint or write an e-mail to

  • I have a new mobile phone or can no longer find my digital annual pass!

    Please open your email inbox and search for the following sender “Familypark Webshop”. This way you should find the email again, in which the PDF files of your annual passes are also attached. Now save the PDF on your phone or download the wallet file again.

    Can’t find the email either? Then please contact us by email to
    Please take care of this matter before your visit, otherwise there may be long waiting times at the info point!


  • At what age can my child use the rides?

    Security measures are based on height, not age.

    Use our size filter directly on the homepage of our website and you will immediately see which attractions can be used.

  • I broke my arm/leg, can I still use all attractions?

    That depends on the plaster. It must be possible to close the safety bar correctly. The passenger must be physically able to leave the train in the event of an evacuation (only if Familypark employees inform you!).

Birthday Party & Group Booking

  • How can I book a supervised party with VIP access?

    We do not offer supervised birthday parties and therefore no VIP access. You can find our current party packages here.

  • Can I book a party even though there are less than 7 children?

    No, there must be at least 7 children at the party.

  • I booked a party, but now there are fewer/more children than planned. What should I do?

    If you are fewer, the minimum price of 10 children still has to be paid.

    If you are more, please let the cashier know to pay the surcharge & add the menu in time.

  • I booked for a group, but now we are fewer/more people than planned. What should I do?

    Please state the new number of people at the cash register so that the menus can be changed accordingly.

    If you are less than 20 people (minimum number for mixed groups), we can only grant the group offer with an additional payment for 20 people.

Eat & Drink

  • Is there gluten free food in the park?

    Yes, we offer gluten free food. Use our gastro filter to find out in which restaurants.

    Attention! We prepare all our dishes in one kitchen. Therefore, gluten-free dishes can come into contact with other foods that contain allergens.

  • Is there vegan food in the park?

    Yes, we offer vegan food. Use our gastro filter to find out in which restaurants.

  • Can I take a snack with me?

    Bringing a snack is allowed. However, consuming the food you have brought with you is prohibited in the seating areas of our gastronomy stations.
    You can fill up your bottles with fresh, cold water at our drinking fountain.

  • Are all restaurants open daily?

    The opening hours of the gastronomy depend on the season and the day. In our app you can see which restaurants are currently open.

  • Is there a microwave where I can warm up my baby's bottle?

    Yes, we offer microwaves for free use in the Filippo Restaurant, Bauernschenke & Römer Restaurant.


The first summer party is getting closer!

Filippo invites you to his big summer party on 4 Saturdays this year!
The first party will take place on July 20th and will amaze you with live concerts by Roman Josef Schwendt, cool acrobatics shows and funny walking acts!

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