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Park regulationsLast update: August 2016


1. Applicability

The applicability of the General Terms and Conditions and these Park Regulations is agreed when purchasing a ticket and/or a voucher and when concluding the visitor contract, and particularly also when purchasing an annual ticket, between Familypark GmbH (hereinafter referred to as “Familypark”) and visitors without any further action being required. Alternatively, visitors acknowledge the GTC and these Park Regulations for themselves and, in their capacity as legal representative, also for the person represented as valid and legally binding when entering the grounds. These Park Regulations apply to the stay on the entire Park Facilities. The GTC and the Park Regulations can be accessed at the Familypark website (, hereinafter referred to as the “website”). The park facilities currently include (i) the Familypark consisting of its rides, buildings, facilities, playgrounds, play equipment, paths, meadows and remaining equipment (hereinafter referred to as the “Familypark”), as well as (ii) the parking spaces (hereinafter referred to as the “Park Facilities” for the Familypark and the parking spaces). These Park Regulations are a referenced part of the GTC and therefore also of the purchase and visitor contracts and are thus also subject to the provisions there included regarding place of performance, choice of law and place of jurisdiction.


2. General rules for using the Park Facilities

The Park Facilities may only be used on the basis of the law, the GTC and the more detailed instructions. The latter include these Park Regulations, the information boards set up in the Park Facilities, the symbols, signs, fences, barriers, markings, loudspeaker announcements, more detailed regulations for use as well as the instructions of the Park staff (hereinafter referred to as the “more detailed instructions”).

Visitors need to familiarise themselves with the GTC and the applicable instructions prior to and during their use of the Park Facilities; in case of doubt, they shall consult the Park staff and act in compliance with the applicable provisions, particularly also the GTC and the more detailed instructions at all times. Instructions of the Park staff must always be followed immediately.

All Park Facilities must be handled with care. In case of misuse, intentional or negligent contamination, damage or loss of borrowed items, visitors are liable for the damage occurred. Such damage must be notified to the Park staff without delay.

The safety and wellbeing of the other visitors shall always be taken into consideration when using the Park Facilities. Intentional noise-making, the noisy operation of multimedia devices and pushing to the front of the line is not permitted.

Furthermore, starting fires, climbing over barriers and climbing on railings is not permitted.

3. No care by Familypark for persons in need of supervision

Neither Familypark nor the Park staff accept any obligation to care for persons in need of supervision, particularly for children up to the 14th year of age, seriously ill and seriously disabled persons (hereinafter referred to as “persons in need of supervision”) or for juveniles from the completion of the 14th year of age. Only the supervisor (at least 18 years old) is obliged to care for such persons during their stay in the Park Facilities. This also applies if Park staff pays increased attention to persons in need of supervision. (See section 4 of the GTC in this regard.)

4. Tasks and liability of supervisors

Supervisors are requested politely and, in the interest of safety, also strongly to fulfil their obligations to care for persons in need of supervision with utmost attention and the necessary sense of responsibility. The presence of Park staff does not release the supervisors from this obligation or reduce the required degree of care. Supervisors are obliged, also in their relation to Familypark, to carefully supervise persons in need of supervision. If they violate such obligations, they are responsible for damage incurred by Familypark, other visitors, the Park staff or third parties and jointly and severally liable for damage caused by the person in need of supervision as a consequence of breach of duty. (See section 5 of the GTC in this regard.)

5. Cloakroom and lockers

Cloakrooms and lockers at the visitor entrances may be used by visitors at their own risk during their visit of the Familypark. We are not liable for items brought along by visitors. Visitors receive their deposit back when opening the locker. If there is a compelling reason, Familypark is entitled at all times to open occupied lockers. A replacement fee of € 25 will be charged for lost keys.

6. Lost items

Lost items of minor value are stored at the Filippo restaurant. Items of value (e.g. mobile phone, wallets) are stored in the Familypark’s office. If they are not collected, lost items will be treated according to the more detailed statutory provisions.

7. Prohibition of commercial, political, ideological or other idealistic activities in the Park Facilities

Visitors of the Park Facilities are not permitted to advertise or disclose information, ideas or positions for commercial, political, ideological or other idealistic purposes, to offer and procure goods and services, to carry out opinion polls, field studies, counts, measurements or tests or to obtain declarations of support or protest and signatures without the Familypark’s prior written consent. This prohibition does not only include the immediate performance of such activities, but also any contribution.

8. Photos, films, video surveillance

Familypark occasionally makes photos and videos from its general operation and uses them for advertising purposes (website, advertising folder, promotional video, etc.). In doing so, inevitably, visitors are being recorded. Upon entering the Familypark, visitors irrevocably declare, on their own account and also in their capacity as statutory representative for the person being represented, to agree to such photographs and video recordings and their later use for advertising purposes, even without any related proprietary rights.

Certain rides are subject to video surveillance in real-time for the visitors’ safety. Every now and then, this also happens on the basis of mandatory official requirements and provisions. Such image data are not recorded, in compliance with the nature of real-time surveillance. Visitor are informed on site in a suitable manner about the areas monitored in real-time and can thus avoid being monitored.

Visitors are permitted to make photos and videos in the Park Facilities for private use. In doing so, visitors shall always respect the rights of other visitors and be considerate of others.

Filming and taking photos for commercial purposes is only permitted upon the Familypark’s prior written consent.

9. Catering

It is not permitted to consume outside food in the Familypark’s restaurants. There are several seating areas in the Familypark where outside food can be consumed.

10. Smoking

In consideration of children and pregnant women, visitors are politely asked not to smoke in the Park Facilities. Should this not be possible for a visitor, smoking is only permitted in the dedicated areas explicitly labelled as “smoking area”. The Familypark reserves the right to prohibit smoking for compelling reasons in such areas as well, particularly in longer periods of drought. Smoking near children or pregnant women is always prohibited. The ashtrays placed in the smoking area must always be used.

11. Alcoholic beverages & glass bottles

Consumers of alcoholic beverages must always keep an eye on them and make sure that children and juveniles under the applicable age limit cannot access such alcoholic beverages. It is not permitted to bring outside alcoholic beverages along to the Park. Alcoholic beverages purchased in the Familypark may only be consumed in the restaurant areas. It is not permitted to wander along the Familypark with alcoholic beverages. It is not permitted to bring outside glass bottles along to the Park. Glass bottles purchased in the Park may only be consumed in the restaurant areas and must not be brought along to the Park Facilities.

12. Damage reports

Should visitors incur damage or have reason to believe that they or a third party will incur damage later due to, in their point of view, the poor state of the Park Facilities including inadequate instructions, they are obliged, within reasonable bounds, to inform the Park staff about such damage without delay (damage report). Any claim for damages of visitors is excluded if a reasonable damage report has not been made by them or on their behalf when leaving the Familypark at the latest.

13. Lost children

When entering the Park, supervisors should agree on a suitable meeting point within the Familypark with the persons supervised by them in case they lose each other. Supervised persons who got lost and bystanders who become aware of that should immediately contact the Park staff. Cost-free stickers for supervised persons are offered to every visitor when entering the Park. The supervisor’s mobile phone number can be written on this sticker, which is then visibly attached to the clothes of the supervised person.

14. Emergencies

If you or other visitors experience an emergency, please contact the Park staff. The first-aid station is situated immediately after the entrance area with hubs and is labelled accordingly.

15. Appropriate clothing

To protect the children and for reasons of hygiene, it is not permitted to leave children unclothed in the Familypark; this also applies to the area of the water attractions and the sandbox playgrounds. The use of all attractions and the visit of the catering sectors are only permitted with appropriate outer clothing. Swimwear is not deemed appropriate. Furthermore, the use of all attractions is only permitted with dry clothes. The use with, for example, wet swimming trunks is expressly prohibited.


16. Special rules for parking vehicles

Subject to the available space, visitors are entitled to park their vehicle on the Familypark’s parking spaces for the duration of their visit. A period of up to 60 minutes may pass between leaving the vehicle and scanning a ticket.

The Austrian Road Traffic Regulations (StVO) apply to the parking spaces. It is only permitted to park vehicles on the highlighted parking spaces. Vehicles parked illegally are removed subject to costs. Handicapped parking spaces may only be used with a valid disability certificate.

The parking spaces are not monitored. When leaving the vehicle, visitors should make sure in their own interest that doors, trunk, windows, sunroof and other containers are closed and locked and that there are no valuable items visibly left in the vehicle.

Despite the shading of some parking spaces, extreme heat may develop in the parked vehicles even after a short period of time. Please take this into account if you leave dogs or other animals in your vehicle. To protect animals in vehicles, Familypark reserves the right to take reasonable measures in order to free the animal. In this regard, the affected visitors will indemnify Familypark and hold it harmless in full.

After leaving the park, visitors are entitled to keep their vehicle parked in the parking space for a further 30 minutes. If such permissible parking period is exceeded, Familypark reserves the right to have the illegally parked vehicle removed from the Park Facilities subject to costs. The Familypark parking spaces are open until 30 minutes after the Park closes. The barriers will then be closed. Vehicles still situated on the parking space at that time may be locked in.

The use of the parking spaces is included in the ticket price.

17. Special rules for admission

The Familypark may only be entered with a ticket validly redeemed at marked visitor entrances. The tickets must be ready to hand during the entire stay in the Park Facilities and shown to the Park staff on demand.

Persons subject to supervision (cf. above section 3) may only enter the Familypark while being attended by an adult supervisor (minimum age: 18). Juveniles from 14 years of age without a supervisor may only visit the Park if they present a valid official photo identity card. Persons with infectious diseases or open wounds and persons under the influence of narcotics or alcohol are not permitted to access the Park Facilities. The following vehicles and items must not be brought along to or kept in the Familypark:

  • Dogs (except for guide dogs with a corresponding certificate)
  • Other animals
  • Larger own toys
  • Lager stuffed animals
  • Bikes · Wheels
  • Rollers
  • Tricycles
  • Skateboards, Snakeboards
  • Scooters
  • Kites
  • Hoverboards
  • Roller skates
  • Weapons (particularly pistols, knives, chains, brass knuckles) or fake weapons
  • Dangerous items (glass bottles, etc.).

Permitted are particularly:

  • Wheelchairs
  • Walking frames
  • Electrified driving aids only with disability certificate
  • Tricycles with push rod
  • Carts
  • Children’s bicycle trailer with push handle

18. Special rules for using the rides as well as the paths and squares

When using the rides, special attention must be paid to the respectively applicable instructions. This particularly applies to information boards set up next to every attraction for potential reasons for exclusion from use (age, size, pregnancy). The instructions issued by the staff entrusted with the operation of the attractions must be complied with. Visitors must not leave the paths and squares.

19. Special rules for leaving the Familypark

The Familypark may only be left at the marked visitor exits.

When leaving the Park, visitors should make sure that they did not forget any persons subject to supervision or any items in the Park, that they collected their clothes and cleared out their locker.

Once visitors have left the Familypark, they are not entitled to re-enter. A redeemed ticket therefore loses its validity after leaving.

If a visitor has to leave the Familypark for compelling reasons for a short period of time, this visitor will obtain an endorsement when leaving (stamp on back of hand). The endorsement authorises this visitor to re-enter the Familypark on the same day. This also applies to annual ticket holders if they wish to leave the Familypark and return to it on the same day.

If a reasonable damage report is not submitted when leaving the Familypark at the latest, visitors lose their claim for compensation.

After leaving the park, visitors are entitled to keep their vehicle parked in the parking space for a further 30 minutes. If such permissible parking period is exceeded, Familypark reserves the right to have the illegally parked vehicle removed subject to costs.

20. Special rules for exclusion from use of the Park Facilities

Visitors may be excluded from the use of the Park Facilities in whole or in part if they violate a relevant instruction or the obligation to be considerate of other visitors in intentional or grossly negligent manner, if they pose a risk to themselves or third parties or if the continued use of the Park Facilities by them in whole or in part would be unacceptable for third parties. If visitors are excluded from using the Park Facilities in whole or in part, they are not entitled to compensation, refund or reduction of the ticket price.

Visitors will be fully excluded from using the Park Facilities particularly if:

  • they stay in the Familypark without a redeemed ticket
  • they intentionally push in front of a line (section 2)
  • they violate the smoking ban (section 10)
  • they violate the prohibition of commercial, political, ideological or other idealistic activities in the Park Facilities (section 7)
  • they show indecent behaviour
  • they harass other visitors
  • they neglect their supervisory duties

Familypark is furthermore entitled to send visitors off the Park Facilities against refund of the ticket price without stating reasons and to ban them from entering the Park.

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