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Beaver lodge


The flume ride Beaver lodge (Biberburg) provides the ultimate fun in the themed world farm. A lift takes you to a height of 17 meters, from there you rush down and land in a big splash! But that’s not all… take a ride and be surprised!

You don’t dare, but still want to cool off? Then enjoy a great view from the splash area – but beware! You’ll get really wet here.

If you don’t want to stay wet, you can blow dry in the wind tunnel afterwards!

technical details



Max. speed

65 km/h

Driving height

17 meter

Number of seats / boat


Children over 130 cm may ride unaccompanied

Children under 130 cm must be accompanied by an adult

Children under 100 cm are not allowed to ride

This ride is not suitable for those who are pregnant and persons suffering from heart conditions, poor circulation or back problems.

TipThe Familypark app

Available for Android and iOS - free of charge, of course!