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Halloween 2019 with new Haunted House


Halloween 2019 is getting really colorful and scary when the Fiesta de los Muertos – the Mexican Day of Death – is celebrated.

As well as opening times until 10 pm, you can expect a unique program as always. Many attractions are open and along the paths numerous scary surprises, great lighting effects and elaborate decorations await you. The shows will take place on all days and in a much larger tent than 2018. A total of 1400 people can watch each show, protected from wind and weather. In addition to the children’s show with park mascot Filippo, the show “Muerte Mistica” (Mystic Death) will be the nightly highlight.


Haunted House in the Ghost Castle
For the first time there will be a professional Haunted House for teenagers and adults. Experience the ghost castle like you never did before. Anyone who dares to go to the home of the crazy Sanchez family faces a lot of horror. Definitely nothing for weak nerves! Therefore, the house is recommended from the age of 14 years. Entrance fee: 3 euro



Blood donation on 31.10.
After the big rush in the last year, the blodd donation with the Austrian red cross will take place on 31.10. from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. again. This time, two blood donation buses will be available to cover the large donation readiness. The Familypark thanks all donors with a free entry!


Opening hours Halloween

25.10. – 3.11.2019

Daily from 11 a.m., the exact opening times and show times can be found here

Ticket price: 26 euros
Ticket price Haunted House: 3 Euro (recommended at 14 years)

With online booking in advance, there are numerous benefits!


Oslava letného slnovratu: 21. -23. júna

Oslavujeme začiatok leta a vy môžete oslavovať s nami!

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