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Jahreskarten ab sofort im Online-Shop

In order to simplify the purchasing process for the annual pass in the future, it is now also available in our online shop! You even save 3 euros per pass compared to buying it at the ticket office in the park! Owners of an annual pass can now also extend it online and thus secure the loyalty bonus from the comfort of their own home!

Additional advantages:

  • Fill out data from the comfort of your own home, upload a photo or take a new photo with the webcam
  • Receive the annual pass by email in just a few minutes. Use the attached PDF or download the wallet file to your phone.
    Android: Load the wallet file into the “Stocard” app  Apple: Open the wallet file in Apple Wallet
  • Always have your annual pass with you on your mobile phone
  • Save several annual passes on a mobile phone – so each parent has all the passes available for spontaneous visits!
  • Save 3 euros per person when buying new. If you extend the loyalty bonus, you save a total of 8 euros compared to buying new pass at the cash register!


Important Information:

The term of your annual pass begins on the day of purchase! For example, if you buy your annual pass in the online shop on April 4, 2023, it will be valid from April 4, 2023 to April 4, 2024.
Exception: If purchased online outside of the season, the term of the annual pass begins with the start of the season!


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Available for Android and iOS - free of charge, of course!