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Halloween in Familypark with 19,000 guests

30 Oct - 1 Nov

After the huge success of Halloween in the Familypark in 214, the operators of the park have this year left the entire area of ​​145, m² to witches, ghosts and other scary creatures. One can therefore say with complete justification that it has acted as the biggest Halloween event for families throughout Austria.

Like last year, the weather has played perfectly. Sunshine during the day and pleasant temperatures in the evening invited the guests to linger until 1 p.m. and longer. More than 3 spotlights, meticulous decoration and musical background have created the right mood.

But also the many show performances in the park made for a unique experience. The artist group SHAD Performance accompanied and entertained guests on their way through the Familypark with acrobatics at its best. And also otherwise various scary creatures in the park were out and took care of the odd shower. The highlight was Friday and Saturday the show special with lots of fire and pyrotechnics in the new attraction “Leonardo’s Flying Machine”, which was fully integrated into the choreography.

“Halloween 215 was a great success for the whole team of the Familypark. The guests were very enthusiastic and the throughout positive feedback is for us a confirmation that we again were able to provide an exceptional and unique experience to our guests. The event ran perfectly in every way. The visitors had high spirits, there were no first aid cases and also our employees were completely enthusiastic, “is Park Director Ulrike Müller delighted with the success of the event.

Also from the gastronomic point of view Halloween was an event of superlatives: More than 7 servings of witches broth (pumpkin goulash) were filled into loaves, more than 8, pieces of chicken nuggets and 17 pretzels baked and more than 1,5 cups filled with children’s punch. 1.2 tons of fries migrated into the friers and more than 1, hot dogs were prepared.

“We have already raised the bar for next year quite high in order to offer our guests  new surprises at Halloween 216. But this is a challenge we love to take. We have already forged the first ideas during the event and we will certainly come up with something new, “says KommR Mario Müller, owner of Familypark, who is already looking forward to Halloween 216.

Season 216

The new season starts on 19 March 216.

TipThe Familypark app

Available for Android and iOS - free of charge, of course!