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A családi Halloween fesztivál a Familyparkban idén Október 21.-töl November 1.-ig kerül megrendezésre. Az idei téma: Misztikus voodoo éjszakák! Lélegzetelállító programok várnak benneteket!

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Summer 2021

At the start of the 2022 season, the Familypark will once again feature a major new attraction in the Farm theme world.

The construction work for this has already been underway since the winter and we are trying to keep the disruption caused by the construction site to a minimum. However, some construction steps cannot be postponed.

As a result, the construction site access road may be closed on individual days and the passageway between Neptune’s Water World and the tractor track will have to be closed. Unfortunately, the forest animal race and the hay wagon trolley cannot be used during this time. However, all other attractions such as Waldexpress, Krähennest and Gockeljagd are open and can be reached via a detour through the Erlebnisburg in the direction of Rattenmühle. Likewise, the path behind the Waldexpress is closed.

The Gastrostation Eseltränke and the Edelsteinmine will remain closed this season due to construction activities.

We thank you for your understanding and are looking forward to present you a new highlight in the Familypark next year!


Halloween a Familyparkban

A kísértetien gyönyörü rendezvény idén Október 21-November 1.-ig kerül megrendezésre!

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