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Redesign of the "Märchenwald"


After more than 55 years, we say goodbye to our fairytale figures.

They were designed by the founder himself in the early days of the park and were therefore to remain the property of the family. Since the sale, the figures have only been on loan to the Familypark. Now the former park owners have decided to take the fairytales home. Even though it is hard for us to say goodbye, we of course respect the family’s wish. Therefore, the fairytale scenes can only be visited in the park until the end of the current season.

We will redesign the “Märchenwald” for our visitors over the winter and it will also be possible to experience various fairytale scenes in a new way in the future. The “Zänkischen Bauersleut'” and the “Vogelhochzeit” will continue to entertain you.

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Available for Android and iOS - free of charge, of course!