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Familypark presents absolute novelty

18. March 2021

Despite the challenging times for the entire amusement industry, the Familypark continues to invest in the expansion of its offerings, and so intensive work was done over the winter on the 2021 seasonal novelty.

The newly developed ride from the Italian manufacturer Zamperla is unique in Austria and can otherwise only be admired in Europe at the French park Walibi Rhône-Alpes and the Danish amusement park Bakken.

However, the theming and name of the attraction are unique. French designer Fabien Renoux’s design and color scheme created a fantastic ride to the stars – hence the name Stellarium. In keeping with the theme world of Erlebnisburg, the ride is reminiscent of a wondrous device constructed by a medieval astronomer to take him on a journey to the galaxy.

Eight gondolas on four arms allow 32 people to ride the Stellarium. The special feature of this family thrill ride, however, is the fast interlocking tracks on which the four arms rotate. The gondolas at the end of the arms always remain upright, and riders experience a brief moment of weightlessness as they pass the highest point. The hypnotic motion is like a visual enigma and is fascinating not only for passengers but also for spectators.

“It is a great pity that there will be no scheduled start of the season for us as an outdoor park again this year. However, we hope that we will soon be able to present our new highlight to our guests on site. The Stellarium is a real novelty in the European amusement park industry and is guaranteed to generate a lot of excitement,” explains Filip de Witte, Managing Director of Familypark.


2021 season

Over the winter, construction work began on the area of the petting zoo for a new major attraction, which will continue throughout the season. The animals will be allowed to spend their well-deserved retirement in a beautiful enclosure in Rust.

According to plan, the new experience will then be presented to the public at the beginning of the 2022 season. The exact nature of the attraction and theming remain a secret for now.


More info about the 2021 season

The actual start of the season will be published via the park’s homepage once a date is known.

Ticket price from 3 years: € 27,50

Annual ticket: € 79



The Familypark is in constant exchange with the responsible authorities, especially the BH Eisenstadt and the Red Cross Burgenland, regarding the current developments.


About the Familypark

The Familypark of Familypark GmbH in St. Margarethen in Burgenland is Austria’s largest amusement park. On an area of more than 145,000 m², the park offers attractions in four different theme worlds: Adventure Castle, Farm, Fairytale Forest and Adventure Island. In addition, the amusement park has 17 different catering areas. During the season, up to 300 employees are employed in the areas of rides, gastronomy, gardening, technology and administration. Further information:

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