Bolondos forgószél

A 2019-es szezonra az új "bolondos forgószéllel" köszöntünk benneteket!

A Fertő tó partján kiadták a legmagasabb fokú viharjelzést! A Bolondos Forgószél (Der durchgedrehte Wirbelsturm) nevű hajóhintánkkal mégis vízre szállhattok egy kis kaland kedvéért.


Christmas Magic

The first weekend of the Christmas magic is over. But on Friday, 7.12., it already starts again!

Despite of the freezing cold we were able to put many Familypark fans in Christmas mood. The enchanting sea of lights, the great Christmas show followed by a parade and the riding fun provided many happy children's eyes.

The second Christmas magic weekend is already waiting. From 7.-9.12. you have another chance to discover the Familypark as a winter wonderland.


Christmas Magic

Our contemplative Christmas event returns!

Families can look forward to a very special beginning of the Christmas season. During our event Christmas magic, we present our park in a sparkling sea of lights with magical creatures, angels and many other atmospheric surprises. A Christmas show provides sparkling children's eyes and you can even ride some of our attractions or visit the animals in the petting zoo. Of course, there are also classics like punch and roasted chestnuts.

You can find more information about our event here



We are happy to announce our new visitor record at our Halloween Event 2018!

For the first time the horror spectacle took place on 10 days and was promptly rewarded with a new visitor record. Over 62,000 Halloween fans stormed the Familypark. Under the motto of this year's "Festival of the Vampires", a unique lighting concept and two professional shows by the SHAD Performance Show team were once again performed. This time in a circus tent, which offered space for about 700 people. Our popular stilt walkers and numerous extras provided entertainment in the park. Popular photo locations for the guests were, as always, the many scary and funny scenes with skeletons, pumpkins, spiders and other decorations.

Blood donation with the Red Cross

Also very successful is the balance of the first blood donation campaign in Familypark, which took place on 31.10. The whole day blood was drawn from the Austrian Red Cross backup vampires, giving a total of 37.2 liters from 80 people. Due to the success and the enormous willingness to donate, the blood donation campaign for next year is already planned.

Culinary delights

Of course, an extraordinary event also requires extraordinary culinary delights. It attracted courts such as witch broth (pumpkin goulash), count Dragulasch (moor ox goulash) or spider nests (Käsespätzle).
Thanks to the record number of visitors, it was also possible to set new records in the gastronomy: for example, around 2100 portions of the witch broth, more than 12,000 portions of French fries (3 tons) were sold and over 10,000 Häferl punch of all sorts drunk. Also popular were small treats such as chestnuts, of which 400 kg were roasted, and 1,400 bars of cotton candy.



From 26th october until 4th november we are celebrating Halloween once again!

In the anniversary year we extend the biggest scary spectacle for families in Austria. For 10 days you can discover the park under the motto "Feast of the Vampires". Stunning shows, cool lighteffects and driving pleasure await you. More information can be found here


Long jubilee evenings

This saturday we are celebrating the next long jubilee evening!

2018 is a special year for the Familypark, as we celebrate our 50th anniversary this year! What began as a small fairytale forest 5 decades ago is now Austria's largest amusement park. Of course we want to celebrate this with you!

5 long jubilee evenings will take place this year. The first two evenings are already over. The funny mascot meeting on the first evening was followed by the cool performance of the band Chilifish on June 23rd.

The next long jubilee evening will take place on the 14th of July. Then you can discover the park again until 8 pm (at the same admission price!) & admire the tricks of our jugglers.

We are looking forward to seeing you!


Opening of "Backstube"

You like sweets? Then our new "Backstube" is the perfect place for you!

The bakery is located right next to the Saftladen and the exit of the Rattenmühle. Fresh waffle variations, milkshakes, hot curd cheese balls and ice cream await you there.


Long jubilee evenings

The first long jubilee evening on the 5th of June was a great success. The next 4 long anniversary evenings promise more surprises!

2018 is a special year for the Familypark, as we celebrate our 50th anniversary! What began as a small fairytale forest 5 decades ago is now Austria's largest amusement park. Of course we want to celebrate this with you!

5 Long jubilee evenings will take place this year. The first one was already on the 9th of June, and in addition to extended opening hours promised a fun mascot meeting. A big parade with many dance performances by Filippo and his friends created a party atmosphere.

The next Long Anniversary Evening will take place on the 23rd of June. Then you can discover the park again until 8pm (same admission price!) & listen to the cool music of Chilifish. There will also be great grilled specialties on offer.

We look forward to seeing you!


First "Long jubilee evening"

On 9th june the first "Long jubilee evening" takes place in Familypark!

2018 is a special year for the Familypark, as we celebrate our 50th anniversary! What began as a small fairytale forest 5 decades ago is now Austria's largest themepark. Of course we want to celebrate this with you!

That's why our 5 long jubilee evenings are taking place this year. Let's start on June 9th with a funny mascot meeting.

You can also discover the Familypark until 8pm!

We are happy if you celebrate with us & wish you a lot of fun!

You can find more information and the other dates here


Study presentation "Economic factor Familypark"

Thanks to the continuous expansion and development of the Familypark, more than 600.000 guests are welcomed each year. The main impetus for this was the grant from the EFRE (European Regional Development Fund) when joining the EU.

The study by Kreutzer & Partner (commissioned by the RMB), presented today, highlighted the highly successful use of these funds and presented the enormous influence of the Familypark on the economy of the region. Burgenlands governor Niessl and LR Petschnig thanked the Müller family for their tireless dedication to their life's work and underscored the importance of the Familypark as a leading company for Burgenland.


From 2013-2017 19 million euros were invested, of which 2.3 million were EU subsidies.

In the region, 150 jobs outside the park have been created in the last 5 years. The number of employees in the park has almost doubled during this period.

Consumption expenditure of park visitors in other businesses (like restaurants, hotels, other leisure facilities, shopping) generated a purchasing power of 12 million euros. Finally, study author Andreas Kreutzer said that Familypark is one of the most successful projects in Burgenland.


New attractions opened

At the start of the season, we were already able to open our new free-fall towers "Almjodler". During the Easter weekend, the nostalgic fairytale carousel could make its first rounds too.

The first guests have already learned how to yodel, and the fairy-tale carousel provides bright eyes for young and old!


Húsvét a Familyparkban

Töltsétek a húsvétot Ausztria legnagyobb szabadidőparkjában!

A felhőtlen szórakozásról és kikapcsolódásról hullámvasutak, körhinták, tematikus játék- és élményrészlegek, valamint a Meseerdő gondoskodik. Az állatsimogatóban meglátogathatjátok a húsvéti nyuszi barátait. A kecskéink, bárányaink és nyulaink már alig várják, hogy találkozzanak veletek. Húsvéti meglepetésként gólyalábakon járó akrobaták és maga a húsvéti nyuszi osztogat édességeket és színes húsvéti tojásokat a látogatóknak, illetve egy vidám fotó erejéig szívesen pózolnak is a vendégekkel.


Húsvéti tojáskeresés a Meseerdőben


Kutassátok fel a színes óriástojásokat! A megújult Meseerdőben (Märchenwald) tett séta alkalmával a húsvéti nyuszi számos nagyszerű rejtekhelyet talált, de sajnos nem emlékszik már rá, hogy vajon valamennyi mesefigurának elegendő húsvéti tojást rejtett-e el. Segítsetek a húsvéti nyuszinak a számolásban! Járjátok be a Meseerdőt és keressétek meg az óriástojásokat! Ha mindegyiket megtaláltátok, köszönetképpen jár egy kis meglepetés. Emellett egy nyereményjátékban is részt vehettek, amelyen 4 Familypark szezonbérletet sorsolunk ki.


31.3. - 2.4.2018


New attractions 2018

There will be new attractions for the jubilee season 2018!

In the themeworld Bauernhof next to the Verrückte Vogelscheuche you can discover an new, idyllic mountain village. There you will find the new attraction "Almjodler". The two 8 meter high towers provide thrill for the visitors. During the free fall even the bravest among you yodels!

Between the Erlebnisburg and the Märchenwald, the nostalgic fairytale carousel provides sparkling eyes for young and old. Take a seat on a unicorn, horse, swan or one of the spinning and rocking gondolas. Fun for the whole family.


Holiday Fair Vienna

From 11th to 14th of January the Holiday Fair will take place in Vienna. Visit our Familypark booth!

At our booth at the Holiday Fair Vienna, we will reveal the new attractions of 2018!

We also have a great  fair offer:
You will receive the day ticket vouchers for the 2018 jubilee season for just € 20, - (instead of € 24, -).
Offer valid only at our booth from 11.-14. January

On saturday and sunday our park mascot Filippo will entertain the Holiday Fair guests!

The Familypark stand is located in Hall B, Stand B0327

We look forward to seeing you!


Christmas tree sale

From 15th to 17th December a big Christmas tree sale will take place in the entrance area of Familypark.

Like last year the big Christmas tree sale takes place after the Christmas Magic. Come by and buy one of the firs, which already created a Christmas spirit during the Christmas Magic event.

The organic trees are all from the Bucklige Welt and cost between 25 and 30 euros.

During the tree shopping you can warm up with punch.



15th-17th December

10 am-4 pm


Christmas Magic at Familypark

This year, from 7 to 10 December, the Christmas magic takes place in the Familypark.

During the event "Weihnachtszauber", you can discover the Familypark in a wintry ambience. But not only the decorations provide a Christmas atmosphere, the charming children's show and the punch- and chestnut huts ensure that.

More information about the event can be found here:


Donation to SOS Kinderdorf Pöttsching

The SOS Children's Village in Pöttsching is happy about the sweets donation of the Familypark.

Since there were still some sweets left over from the Halloween event, the management decided to donate them again.

Two large boxes filled with marshmallow figures were handed over to the SOS Children's Village Pöttsching.

We wish you a lot of fun while snacking!


Additional Show

There is an extra show on 1st November!

Since the park had to be closed due to a storm warning on Sunday, we will show you the children's show  on Wednesday too.At 3pm and at 6pm, you can listen to the story of Filippo and the house ghost Lilou at the Römerrestaurant. Music, dance and acrobatics await you.Have fun!




Halloween a Familyparkban

Október 28. és november 1. között hátborzongató élmények várják a látogatókat a Familyparkban. A „szellemek és kísértetek” mottó a park dekorációjától kezdve a showműsorok programjáig mindenhol visszaköszön majd. 

Az egyébként mindig vidám szabadidőparkban pókhálók, UV-fények és csontvázak gondoskodnak a halloweenhez illő hangulatról. Sötétedést követően speciális fényeffektek teszik még izgalmasabbá az olyan mozgó attrakciókat, mint a hullámvasút (Götterblitz), a körhinta (Apfelflug) vagy az erdei vasút (Waldexpress).


A rendezvénysorozat fénypontjai minden kétséget kizáróan a showműsorok. A legkisebbeknek idén első alkalommal kínál a Familypark naponta két gyermekműsort, amelyet a parkon át vezető ünnepi felvonulás zár le. Szombattól keddig pedig minden este nagyszabású showműsor várja a látogatókat, ahol akrobaták, zene és tánc gondoskodik a vidám kikapcsolódásról.

További információk itt találhatók.




Familypark receives Star Award

Leonardo's flying machine wins the second of 10 places in the "Best Attraction" category.

The European Star Award was launched by the trade magazine "Kirmes & Park Revue" in 2012, in order to annually award innovative ideas and promote entrepreneurial courage.

For the sixth time already, Europe's most important prize has been awarded to the best leisure parks on the continent. The best theme parks, the most breathtaking novelties and the most spectacular attractions and roller coasters were awarded at the Euro Attractions Show, which took place this year from 26 to 28 September in Berlin.

The international expert jury voted in the "Best Attractions" category for Leonardo's flying machine, so Familypark is happy to reach the second place.


On the photo: Dominik Müller, CEO Mario Müller and Julian Müller


Winterkids Special

Again this year kids who had their last birthday out of our season can enjoy their free entrance.

From 25th to 30th September 2017 you may visit the Familypark and bring your identification card (e-card, passport,...) to show that you last birthday took place from 27th Oct 2016 to 31th March 2017. Children from 3 to14 years of age are entitled to the on-time free entrance.


Happy Birthday!


Opening of the Saftladen (juice bar)

Many vitamins and freshly squeezed juices...

... await you in our new Saftladen (juice bar). The juices get pressed daily from the fresh organic fruit. You can also buy apples, oranges, melons and other seasonal fruit and vegetables.You find the Saftladen right next to the Wichtelsteg, between the Rattenmühle and the Froschhüpfer.




Long Summer Nights

The "Long Summer Nights" are back in Familypark!

Due to the good feedback on the "Long Summer Nights" in the last season, we will held them every Saturday in July and August this year. Enjoy Austria's largest amusement park until 8 pm (instead of 6 pm) - for the same entry price.

You can roar with the "Götterblitz" into the sunset, listen to the chirping of the crickets while having a cozy tractor ride, and finish off the evening with a delicious pizza in the Trattoria Medici.

Special opening hours "Long summer nights":

1 July / 8 July / 15 July / 22 July / 29 July

5 August / 12 August / 19 August / 26 August

From 9 am to 8 pm

Tickets until 6pm




Have fun with goats!

The new Ziegengaudi was opend on 16th June.

The new Ziegengaudi climbing area promises great fun. Since 2016, the goats have been able to walk on a climbing track that is up to 8 meters high. Now there is an additional adventure route for visitors. On more than 100 meters, you will cross a rope bridge and winding paths through the Ziegenareal, up to a great viewing platform. Of course you can also pet and feed the goats during your walk on the new Ziegengaudi.




Waldexpress and Gockeljagd

Gockeljagd and Waldexpress are ready!

At the Waldexpress you will be able to observe the funny forest animals, a ranger and even a fisherman. A nostalgic ride into the blue trough the forest and meadow for the whole family.

Take a ride on the back of a giant rooster at the Gockeljagd. Past the farmhouse, the chicken coop and flushed poultry you roam the farm.




Offspring in Familypark

What did the stork brought us this time? :)

Small, cute and fluffy bunny-babies were born in Familypark. A little bit shyly they hide in the corner of their bawn, and chew on their leaf salad. Did you already visit the rabbits in "Tante Mizzi´s Zoo"?


Opening of the new attractions

Gockeljagd and Waldexpress are ready!

It´s time! The opening of the new Gockeljagd and Waldexpress is on 3rd June!

At the Waldexpress you will be able to observe the funny forest animals, a ranger and even a fisherman. A nostalgic ride into the blue trough the forest and meadow for the whole family.

Take a ride on the back of a giant rooster at the Gockeljagd. Past the farmhouse, the chicken coop and flushed poultry you roam the farm.





The new Totenkopfturm is ready for its capture.


Discover the new Totenkopfturm in the themed world "Abenteuerinsel".

Only brave pirates can climb to the top of the 8 meter hight tower, and defend it against invaders.


You can reach the Totenkopfturm either through the exit of the Drachenhöhle, or through a passage that is vis-à-vis from the Floßfahrt.




2017 új attrakciói

2017-ben több új, kihagyhatatlan élmény várja a látogatókat a Falusi gazdaság tematikus részlegen.

Kakasvadászat (Gockeljagd)

Egy óriási kakast meglovagolva vágtathatunk el a menő motorkerékpáron ülő hóbortos nagymama mellett, keresztül a traktorgarázsként szolgáló pajtán és a riadt, tollas jószágokkal teli tyúkólon. Különleges élmény kicsiknek és nagyoknak egyaránt.

Erdei expressz (Waldexpress)

"Beszállás!" - szól az felhívás a XIX. századi stílusú pályaudvaron. Az Erdei expresszen ülve vidám erdei állatokat figyelhettek meg, és találkozhattok egy erdésszel és egy halásszal is. Nosztalgikus utazás az ismeretlenbe: különleges családi kirándulás erdőn és mezőn át.



Ezenkívül új mászórészlegek is kialakításra kerülnek. Igazán különleges élményeket ígér például a Kecskelépcső (Ziegensteg) Mizzi néni állatsimogatójánál. A 2016-ban kialakított 8 méter magas sziklaösvénynek köszönhetően az itt élő állatok valósággal kőszáli kecskének érezhetik magukat. Idén a látogatók is kapnak egy párhuzamosan futó ösvényt, amelyen követhetik és megetethetik a kecskéket. Ráadásul nagyszerű kilátásban is részesülnek.

A Kalandsziget (Abenteuerinsel) tematikus részlegen található Halálfejes torony (Totenkopfturm) izgalmas kalandokkal várja a kis kalózokat, akik akár 8 méter magasra is felmászhatnak, hogy aztán megvédjék a tornyukat a betolakodókkal szemben.




Admira Kidsclub

Familypark is the new sponsoring-partner of the Kidsclub of FC Admira Wacker Mödling.

About Admira

Admira Wacker Mödling is an Austrian football club from the Mödling district of Lower Austria, playing in the highest performance level in Austria.
The amateur team, called Admira Juniors, plays in the East regional league, the third highest performance stage.
Admira is a nine-time Austrian champion, six-time cup winner and one-time Supercup winner.


Familypark is looking forward to the cooperation, and wishes FC Admira Wacker success for the upcoming Bundesliga games.


New Mom Family Holiday Award

Familypark wins NEW MOM Family Holiday Award in the category "Amusement Parks".

New Mom Family Holiday Award

At New Mom Family Holiday Award Familypark could prevail against the other amusement parks "Europapark Rust", "Legoland", "Playmobil Funpark" and "Portaventura". We are proud that we could assert oneself against such big and foreign competitors. Thank you for your voting and your loyalty.

The detail results

In the online survey on, the Familypark reached 28% of the votes, closely followed by the Europapark Rust with 27% and the Legoland with 22%.
At this year's holiday fair in Vienna, votes were also collected by using survey cards. Again the Familypark reached the first place, this time with 41% of the votes, while the Europapark and the Legoland each got 20%. Although Legoland was represented at the holiday fair in Vienna, the familypark was once again convincing.
Overall, Familypark reached first place with 32% of all votes, followed by the Europapark with 25% and the Legoland with 21%.
We would like to thank New Mom for the award and our fans for your votes. We look forward to the new season with you!
Your family team


Tourism Price Burgenland


The Familypark is nominated for the tourism price Burgenland!

Tourism Price Burgenland

This year the Tourism Price Burgenland has three different categories:

  • “Chef/Chefin mit Herz” for special projects of employer for their employee
  • “Kreativer Kopf” which is for innovative ideas in and for tourism sector
  • “Tourismus Pionier” values special earnings


The Familypark passed in the popular Halloween-event in the categorie “Kreativer Kopf”, and got nominated for the price. The award ceremony will be on 23th march during the tourism-gala.


... and brought us many goatlings!

At Familypark many little baby-goats were born.

Goatlings at the Familypark

Despite the season break it gets really noisy at our park. The reason: many little, fluffy goatlings, who want to get a lot of attention - and they get it.
In April we expect more offspring in the goat park, so you should look at the petting zoo "Tante Mizzi's kleine Farm" during your visit to the Familypark!


Vienna Holiday Fair

From 12 - 15 January the bid Holiday Fair in Vienna takes place. Of course, also the Familypark is present with its booth and interesting offers.

Hall B, booth 0427
next to the Burgenland booth


Fair offer & competition


Don't miss our special offer. On the four days of the fair you can buy day ticket vouchers for only € 20.00 instead of € 23.00 at our booth. (Annual card vouchers and value coupons are also available at the regular price of € 66, - and € 5, - respectively.)


At our trade fair competition, we raffle annual cards for a family of four.


We look forward to seeing you!




Christmas Show & Clinic Clowns

Because of the great popularity of our christmas show "When the Christkind nearly overslept Christmas" it will also take place on Sunday, 11 December.

Showtimes: 13:00, 15:00 & 17:00 hours

Place: in front of the Römer Restaurant

Afterwards you can enjoy our parade through the park.

Clinic Clowns

On Sunday, the clinic clowns will visit us once again. With a small donation, you can help the clowns to ease the daily routine of seriously ill children and help them forget their worries and pain for a short time. As a little thank you you get a clowns nose! We thank you already in advance for your support!


Have fun on our last day of Christmas Magic!




Karácsonyi varázs a Familyparkban

Ausztria legnagyobb szabadidőparkja első alkalommal nyitja meg kapuit az adventi időszakban is. December 8. és 11. között minden nap 11.00-20.00 óráig különleges adventi varázslat vár a vendégekre a Familyparkban.

A speciális esemény garantáltan karácsonyi hangulatba hozza a látogatókat, akik megismerhetik a szabadidőpark téli világát. Varázslatos lények, a télapó és további hasonló meglepetések gondoskodnak a vidám hangulatról.


Emellet csütörtöktől szombatig napi több alkalommal is karácsonyi show-műsor várja a látogatókat. A park nagy része nyitva tart és számos attrakció is üzemel (az időjárástól függően).  


Nyitvatartási idő


Naponta 11.00-20.00 óráig

Beengedés és pénztár 18.00 óráig  

A belépőjegyek ára 3-99 éves korig: 16 euró

Az éves bérlettel a belépés ingyenes!  



Mehr Lesen

2016 Halloween

Hamarosan ez halloween újra a Family Park

2016.10. 29. - 10.31 -ig

11-22 óráig

kasszazárás 19 órakor



11-18 óráig

kasszazárás 17 órakor


  • Különleges show-műsor Szombat, Vasárnap és Hétfőn
  • Borzongató programok az egész parkban
  • Lufihajtogatás, Nyereményjáték és sokminden más


Belépőjegy: € 21,50                                                      

Bérlettel a belépés ingyenes!




Téli gyerekek akciós hete

2016. Szeptember 19-23-ig jön ismét a téli gyermekek akciós hete.

Azok a gyerekek, akiknek a Familypark-szezonon kívül esik születésnapjuk, idén is pótolhatják utólagosan ingyen jegyüket.


2016. Szeptember 19-23-ig jön ismét a téli gyermekek akciós hete.


Azok a gyerekek 14 éves korig, akik 2015. 10. 27. és 2016. 3. 18. között születésnaposok voltak, most ingyenes belépőhöz juthatnak.


Ezeken a napokon van rá alkalmatok, hogy születésnapotokat a Familyparkban újra ünnepeljétek.


Kérjük igazolványotokat hozzátok magatokkal!


Hosszú Nyári este

On 20th August the last Long Summer Evening of this season takes place - use the opportunity!

One last time you have the possibility to enjoy the park until sunset and to ride your favorite attractions as often as possible.


Tickets and admissions until 6 p.m.

Annual pass owners have the possibilty to enter until 7 p.m.!!!

From 5 p.m. you can buy the Trial ticket for only € 15.50.


We are looking forward to your visit!



Lange Sommerabende

Új étterem Trattoria Medici nyitva

Leonardo repülő szerkezetével (Leonardos Flugmaschine) szemben nyitotta meg kapuit az új Medici olasz étterem, amely kihagyhatatlan program az olasz ízek szerelmeseinek.

A pizzák frissen érkeznek egyenesen a kemencéből, emellett ízletes szószokkal készülő tészták és különféle salátavariációk is helyet kaptak a kínálatban.


Édes különlegességként az olasz étterem churrót is kínál cukorral, fahéjjal vagy más édes feltéttel. Ez a mediterrán ínyencség egyébként nagyszerűen passzol a kávéhoz is és miközben a finom falatok élvezzük Leonardo repülő szerkezetét is megcsodálhatjuk működés közben.





A vendégek kedvében járva: Hosszú nyári esték 21 óráig!

Azonban a Familypark erre a nyárra még egy újítást szeretne bevezetni: a júniustól augusztusig terjedő időszakban öt szombati napon a park egészen 21 óráig tart majd nyitva.

Mivel a nyári időszakban később sötétedik, a vendégek is szívesen maradnak tovább a parkban. Ezt mérlegelve az idén első alkalommal kerül bevezetésre a "Hosszú nyári esték" program.


Nyáron minden második szombaton a létesítmény 9-től 21 óráig tart nyitva (pénztárzárás 18 órakor).

Mindez a szokásos jegy áráért.


Időpontok: június 25., július 9. és 23., augusztus 6. és 20.




Lange Sommerabende

Other parks visit Familypark!

In April we were pleased to welcome famous German Amusement Parks in Familypark.

From our partnerpark TRIPSDRILL near Stuttgart the owner family Fischer came to check out the new rides 2016. Helmut and Benjamin Fischer started with a ride in the Jumping Frog.

From Northgermany the owners and managers of HANSAPARK, Mr. and Mrs. Leicht, with their team also came to see our Familypark.


Work in progress!

Soon the waiting comes to an end! On 19th March 2016 the new Familypark season will start! And there are many novelties to discover!

Construction works are running for weeks already and by now one can already adumbrate what Familypark guests can expect in 2016.

There will be two new rides in the themed world Bauernhof (Farm).

The Crow's Nest promises a great glissade on a length of 40 metres. The Jumping Frog is a karussell for the youngest and invites to a frogback ride at the foot of the pond.

Also from a culinary perspective there will be many novelties. Three new dining and shopping places will be offered.

But at the moment we do not divulge more - its best to pay a visit to the park and experience everything new when we open again on 19th March!




Rutsche Krähennest
Rutsche Krähennest
Karussell Froschhüpfer

This was Halloween 2015!

Halloween 2015 at Familypark was again a unique and exciting event. Almost 19.000 Halloween Fans visited the scary park from 30.10. - 1.11.2015. and had one or the other shiver sent down their spine.



There was a lot to discover all over the park. More than 90 skeletons, 300 spots and many different scary creatures transformed the park into a big stage. Show Acts from „ShadPerformance“ entertained the guests with acrobatics at its finest during their experience tour of the area.

The show special on Friday and Saturday evening at Leonardos Flugmaschine with fire show and pyrotechnics was extremely well received.

Our guests were again very creative with their costumes and thus contributed to the excellent mood on all three days.

Halloween 2015
Fliegende Fische Halloween
Artist Halloween
Artist Halloween
Artist Halloween
Gäste Halloween
Gäste Halloween
Gäste Halloween

Winterkids Birthday Special

Again this year kids who have their birthday outside our Familypark Season can get their free birthday entry!

From 14th to 18th September 2015 we will again have our Winter-Kids Birthday Special!

All kids up to 14 years of age, who have their birthday during our off-season may take advantage of their free entrance during these days.

You are entitled to your free birthday ticket if your birthday was between 27th Oct 2014 and 27th March 2015. Don't forget to bring foto identification with you.

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E-Charging Station

From now on we provide free of charge four charging stations for Familypark guests who arrive by electric car.

The system is equipped with Typ 2 plugs. You may find our charging station in the back of the first parking lot. It is available during park opening hours.


By end of July you may also check by your mobile device if there is a free charging station at Familypark by the mobile app SMATRICS (available for Android and iOS).

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SOS Kinderdorf Charity

Gemeinsam mit unseren Burgenländischen Missen Daniela Keck und Nicole Mock haben wir im Juni um eure Spenden für das Kinderdorf Pinkafeld im Eingangsbereich des Parks gebeten. In der Spendenbox sind fast 400 Euro gelandet. Wir danken für eure Unterstützung.



Letzten Sonntag fand die Charity-Aktion dann ihren Abschluss in einem Besuch des SOS Kinderdorfes Pinkafeld mit 34 Kindern und ihren Betreuern, die einen ganzen Tag bei uns im Park verbringen durften. Gegen eine Freie Spende konnten sich alle kleinen Parkbesucher von den Makup-Artists von Body Art Austria schminken lassen.


Höhepunkt war die feierliche Übergabe unseres Spendenschecks über 1000,- Euro mit dem wir die Bildungsförderung des SOS Kinderdorfes unterstützen möchten.


Ein wundervoller Tag an dem die Kinder hoffentlich viel Freude hatten!




Miss und Vize Miss Burgenland
Gruppenfoto Kinderdorf Pinkafeld
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Es wird gebaut!

Nur noch wenige Wochen, dann ist es wieder soweit! Der Saisonstart am 28. März rückt immer näher und auch die Bauarbeiten im Familypark schreiten voran.


Hier entsteht gerade das Aquädukt auf der neuen Piazza Da Vinci wo bereits in wenigen Tagen Leonardos Flugmaschine ihren Platz finden wird.

Der Ziegelbau wird übrigens eine neue WC Anlage mit Wickelraum und barrierefreiem WC.



Baustelle Piazza Da Vinci
Baustelle Piazza Da Vinci
WC Anlage
WC Anlage
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Die neue Attraktion 2015: Leonardos Flugmaschine

2015 können sich die Besucher des Familyparks auf eine Entdeckungsreise in die Welt des berühmten Erfinders Leonardo Da Vinci begeben. Bei der geplanten interaktiven Fahrattraktion – Leonardos Flugmaschine – kann sich der Gast frei wie ein Vogel fühlen. Mit einer Flughöhe von bis zu 22 Metern geht es hoch hinaus und man bestimmt selbst ob es ein entspannter Rundflug oder ein waghalsiges Abenteuer wird.


Mehr zu Leonardos Flugmaschine findet ihr hier!

Erstes Halloween im Familypark war ein sensationeller Erfolg

Über 13.000 Gäste haben die Gelegenheit genutzt, um am Halloween Wochenende den Familypark erstmals im Dunkel der Nacht zu erleben. Viele Besucher kamen in kreativer Verkleidung und trugen damit ihren Teil zur gruseligen Stimmung im Park bei. Über 500 kg Kürbisfleisch wurde zu Hexenbrühe verkocht und etwa 200 Spots tauchten den Familypark in gespenstisches Licht.

Nach dem riesen Erfolg wird es sicherlich auch ein Halloween 2015 im Familypark geben. Hier einige Impressionen für euch...

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Farbenfrohes Kinderschminken

Ab sofort können sich Kinder im Familypark ein farbenfrohes Gesicht zaubern lassen. Gleich neben dem Souvenir-Express befindet sich der Pavillon unserer Künstlerin. Zur Auswahl stehen 8 verschiedene Motive für Mädchen und Buben. Ob Schmetterling oder Drache, Herzen oder fantasievolle Formen, da ist bestimmt für jeden das Passende dabei.

Während der Ferien wird von Dienstag-Sonntag von 10-12 Uhr und von 13-17 Uhr fleißig geschminkt.

Samariterbund kommt mit 80 Kindern in den Familypark

Am Samstag, 24. Mai, besuchte der Samariterbund Floridsdorf bereits zum 4. Mal den Familypark mit einer Gruppe von 80 Kindern aus sozial benachteiligten Familien und Flüchtlingsfamilien.

Mit der Unterstützung der Wiener Städtischen, dem Familypark und anderen Sponsoren konnte den Kindern im Alter von 5-15 Jahren ein wunderschöner Tag in einer sorgenfreien und fröhlichen Umgebung ermöglicht werden. Begleitet wurden die Kinder von 20 freiwilligen Helfern des Samariterbundes Floridsdorf. Bei der Ankunkft wurde die Gruppe auch gleich von Parkmaskottchen Filippo, Parkdirektorin Ulrike Müller und Landesdirektor der Wr. Städtischen Mag. Gerold Stagl begrüßt.

Anschließend konnten die Kinder ganz nach Lust und Laune mit Ihren Betreuern den Park erkunden. Das Mittagessen spendierte der Famliypark im Römerrestaurant und jedes Kind durfte sich eine kleines Geschenk mit nach Hause nehmen.

Wir hoffen, die Kinder hatten eine wunderbare Zeit im Familypark!

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Tante Mizzi's kleine Farm öffnet am 17. Mai

Noch steht man vor geschlossenen Türen, wenn man im Bauernhof an den Toren von Tante Mizzi's kleiner Farm vorbeigeht. Aber das wird sich bald ändern.

Am 17. Mai ist es nämlich soweit, unsere Ziegen und Schafe siedeln um in den neuen Streichelzoo und bekommen dann auch gleich neue Nachbarn - die Kaninchen und Hühner. Platz wird es für die Bewohner der kleinen Farm allerdings mehr als genug geben. Jede Tierart bekommt sein eigenes artgerecht gestaltetes Reich. Alle Ställe verfügen über Innen- und Außenbereiche, die den Tieren genügend Auslauf und auch Rückzugsmöglichkeiten bieten.

Bis auf einige wenige Arbeiten ist bereits alles fertig, dann können unsere Streichelzoo-Tiere aus der Nähe betrachtet und gefüttert werden. Streicheleinheiten ausdrücklich erwünscht!!!

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